Award Winning Pornstars Teach You Sex Secrets

Real pornstars teach you step-by-step how to f#ck the right way, so she doesn’t leave you for another guy who hits her “special spot” better than you do.

What is the Pornstar Method?

It’s a detailed behind the scenes play-by-play video series that reveals the same tricks and techniques professional pornstars use when on set.

Each video is designed to teach you about the most important areas of sex, so you can become the guy she calls at 3am to fill her up, because you’re THAT good in bed and know how to make her cum on COMMAND like no other guy can.

If you’d like to…

Be able to eat her pussy so well, that her body begins to convulse, because she’s having an orgasm that intense and doesn’t know how to process the overwhelming sensations she’s experiencing.

Hit her g-spot every damn time you penetrate her, so all she can do is scream “Yes, Daddy… HARDER!”

Make her squirt like a busted fire hydrant, causing her body to cramp up from the multiple rippled orgasms flowing through her body.

And be able to last so long in bed, that she’s going to be the one that taps out first… due to exhaustion.

Then keep reading…

Sex is a HUGE part of our lives, so it’s vital that you learn what pleases your woman in bed.

Pornstar Method was created to help guys just like you, learn how to give women orgasms so good, that she wouldn’t EVER think about sleeping with someone else.

It’s time to take control of her pussy and show her what a REAL MAN is.

Bridgette B. (Head Trainer)

So… Does It Work?

We get hundreds of messages from men all over the world, saying how PSM has changed their sex lives.

She ruined my bed sheets last night!

So I used Damon’s squirting technique on my f-buddy last night and she gushed all over my bed sheets. This should come with a bed sheet warning! Lol.
Daryl Jones
New York, USA

My girlfriend is one happy woman…

I used Damon’s advice on g-spot stimulation. I’ve never seen my girlfriend orgasm so hard in the 3 years we’ve been dating. Thank you!
Clive Davis
California, USA

I’m much more confident now…

My bedroom skills before PSM were terrible. Now I feel so much more confidence knowing that I can give any girl I bring home multiple orgasms. You ROCK!
Pete Stanton
London, UK

Here’s What You Get Access To:

As soon as you become a member, you’ll immediately unlock the core training lessons.

  • Lesson 1 (Kissing Foreplay) – Master the art of foreplay with Carter as she teaches you about kissing, biting, licking, and sucking every part of a woman’s body that will turn her on to the point where she’s ready to BLOW.
  • Lesson 2 (Pussy Eating Masterclass) – How to eat her out like no man has ever done before, stimulate her vagina with mouth & fingers, and discover the secrets that pornstars use to make ANY woman gush and squirt in minutes.
  • Lesson 3 (Clit Play – Hide & Seek Method) – How to uncover the elusive clit and what to do once you’ve found it so she can experience mind-blowing full-body orgasms that will have her shaking for minutes after.
  • Lesson 4 (Foreplay Secrets) – You’re going to learn how to stimulate her nipples so that she can’t wait for you to be inside her. Bite her so she feels tingles down her spine and choke her so she’s soaking wet.
  • Lesson 5 (G-Spot Stimulation & The G-Spot detector) – Watch as Carmen shows you on camera how to find the G-spot & what to do when you’ve found it. Once you know this method, it’s almost too easy to make her cum.
  • Lesson 6 (Post Sex Intimacy) – What you need to do every time you finish having sex with a woman and why it’s SO IMPORTANT. If you do this, she’ll be at your mercy whenever you want sex.
  • Lesson 7 (Getting Her Naked – The Casanova Method) – How to take her clothes off effortlessly and without a hiccup. If you can’t start off smoothly it will set the stage for awkward sex.
  • Lesson 8 (Blowjobs & Breastgasms) – How to encourage girls to give you head and what you need to do when she’s going down you, so you can stimulate her and trigger a positive association to giving you BJ’s.
  • Lesson 9 (Missionary Mastery) – Most girls can orgasm in just a few minutes from this position by just doing it this EXACT way. Watch Kimber woods cum as you see it demonstrated live.
  • Lesson 10 (Morning Sex & Pacing) – How male performers get into the groove when they are about to shoot. Learn this technique to calm yourself and get ready for action, so you can get hard and STAY hard for as long as you want.
  • Lesson 10 Extended (Orgasms On Command) – Ever given a woman multiple orgasms before? Damon shows you how to make her cum again and again. Once you know how to do this, she’ll be drained from climaxing so much.
  • Lesson 11 (Doggy Style & Cowgirl) – You’ve never known EXACTLY how to do this right until you’ve seen THIS. Damon Dice teaches exactly how to position her body so even if you don’t have the biggest dick in the world, you can make her cum without problems.
Meet Your Head Trainer

Bridgette B.

Bridgette B. is a multi-award winning adult actor, with over a decade of experience in the industry. As your head trainer, she will be guiding you every step of the way. Her years of experience in the porn industry give her the expertise that is required to take a man like you to the next level in bed. But get ready, she’s a tough teacher!

Only If You Act Right Now!

For a very limited time, we’ve decided to make you an offer you probably shouldn’t pass on. Here’s the deal… If you become a member BEFORE the timer above runs out, we’ll throw in three awesome bonuses that will further your learning to help you become a legend between the sheets:

  • Pussy Domination – Your head trainer Bridgette B personally teaches you everything you need to know about stimulating a woman’s vagina. From the labia to the clit and everything in between!
  • Secrets of Male Pornstars – Seth teaches you the insider male pornstar secrets like… how to arouse women quickly, how to get and stay hard when you’re nervous and a simple method for doubling your load size.
  • Get The Digits – Bridgette B and dating legend Robbie Hemingway, discuss text game secrets that 99% of men have no clue about. Get her number, build attraction and get laid FAST!

Will It Work For Me?

There are six types of men the Pornstar Method will work for. If you fall into any one of these categories, our training can help:


Too small “down there”

We all know that size DOES matter. But did you know there are certain sex positions that even smaller guys can use to hit the g-spot?


No confidence in bed

Women love a confident guy, especially in bed. The more you take control, the more orgasms she’ll have. Guaranteed.


Worried about cheating

Women are much more sexually liberated these days and that means they are more prone to look elsewhere if you’re not satisfying them between the sheets.


Can’t make women squirt

Squirting orgasms are some of the most intense feelings a woman can experience. Would you want to be the guy that made her squirt for the first time ever?


Power in bed

Imagine having the power to make ANY woman orgasm on command. Knowing that you can cause fully body orgasms so strong that she’ll be lost for words.


Bored of sex with GF/Wife

Sex in a relationship can get boring, VERY fast. Use our techniques and tips to make things exciting again. So you can’t wait to get home and bend your girl over the kitchen counter.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions guys have about the Pornstar Method. If you can’t find an answer you’re looking for, just get in touch with our support team and we’d be happy to help.

Great Question! These are behind the scenes videos by top pornstars which teach every aspect of exactly how to please a woman from head to toe. You will begin with the 30 day training course spread out over 11 video’s

With multiple lessons broken down by technique.

You’ll watch the performers have sex while they talk to the camera.

It’s the ULTIMATE behind the scenes.

Once you complete the initial 30 days, as a member, you will get access to all upcoming content known as “Unlocked Lessons” that drop into your account monthly.

As soon as you complete the checkout process, you will receive access to a private members area where you will access all the trainings and go through them as MANY times as you need to to soak in the lectures.

Of course.

If you really think you didn’t learn anything, we’ll offer 60 day no questions asked refund.

But we know that once you learn at least SOME of the secrets of the Porn Method, you’ll NEVER be the same again.

In short, YES.

These techniques are taught by women AND men who have more experience with the female body than almost ANYONE else on the entire planet.

Be assured that you will be learning from the most experienced teachers
and get the most proven-to-work techniques used on porn sets.

Yes! In fact, we take votes on who you want to see us film next. So YOU control who we film next.

50% of women FAKE orgasms just to make the sex end.

Only 25% of women can orgasm from penis stimulation. 75% need clit stimulation.

Making a woman yours has nothing to do with looks or money and EVERYTHING to do with the ability to satisfy them in bed.

Sex is no reason to lose a girl that a guy worked SO hard to get into bed.

This training exposes the best kept secrets only pornstars know to fuck a girl into oblivion and satisfy her every need so she becomes theirs.

Just get in touch with our team and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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